General Description

IICA has proposed the realization of two challenges for the design of a Rural Youth Hemispheric Community. The first one was a conceptual challenge and the second one is technological (Hackathon)

The purpose of IICA with these challenges is to provide a permanent space led by rural youth to articulate, inform, debate and build the new agriculture against COVID-19.

In the Conceptual Challenge, the youth identified elements to facilitate and strengthen the interconnection, interaction and participation of rural youth from a vision of equity and inclusion of diversities (gender, geographic, age, training and experiences). Now, for the Hackathon, we seek to define and develop the technological tool that will materialize the winning conceptual proposal.

Having completed that first challenge (see PDF with the winning idea), a complementary hackathon is now proposed, which consists of developing the technological tool that materializes the winning proposal of the Rural Youth Hemispheric Community (CHJR by its Spanish initials), as a space for articulation.


Development of a technological tool that supports the formation of a Rural Youth Hemispheric Community as a space for articulation that meets the needs of rural youth in the Americas and enhances their development and capacities, to generate proposals and solutions through joint work

This Hackathon is an opportunity for rural youths to make a difference in the construction of the new reality that is experienced from the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and to be protagonists in the construction of the new agriculture.

Your contribution to the construction of this Rural Youth Hemispheric Community (CHJR) can help to improve future access to productive resources and markets, business articulation, generation of added value in production chains, family farming, fair trade, health, among others.

It is expected that the young participants will present a quality contribution to the challenge with ideas about the technological aspects to develop the winning proposal of the conceptual challenge on the Rural Youth Hemispheric Community, through a participatory process that responds to the interests of the youth, taking into consideration the construction of the new agriculture COVID-19.


Participation in this event is free and to register the teams you must provide:

A name to the team, the participants’ names, identity document or passport numbers of its members, the age and country of residence of each member.

Name of the person in charge or coordinator of the team during the Challenge process.

If a young person does not have a team, there is the possibility of registering individually to have the opportunity to participate and be part of a team with other registered people.

Once the registration process is closed, a kit will be sent with the connection information and mentoring that will take place throughout the event week.

General Conditions

It is expected that the young participants will present a technological tool capable of motorizing the Hemispheric Community through a participatory process that responds to the interests of the youth, taking into account the construction of the new agriculture.

Once the registration period is over, the participation of the teams will be confirmed.

The challenge will be carried out under the virtual modality for all the participating people. The Discord platform will be used for this event, so the young participants must have it installed on their computers, smartphones or web browser.

The work methodology is available to the young participants, considering the stipulated times.

Only proposals that have not been developed previously in other spaces will be accepted.

The proposed solution must have an Open Source orientation in both programming languages and development platforms.

Intellectual property: “Once submitted to the evaluation and qualification process, the members of the team whose proposal was the winner in this phase of the Challenge, the conceptual and the technological (Hackathon) one, will assign the copyright to IICA. IICA, for its part, will acknowledge the winning group and award them a prize.

Any team or person who is found to have behaved contrary to the rules of the Institute and the principles and values of the institution, including impartiality, integrity, professionalism, flexibility, discretion, loyalty, prudence and responsibility, will be punished by expulsion from the challenge.

Those proposals and teams that are contrary to and violate the rights of intellectual property and related rights, as well as the authorship rights of third parties, will be disqualified.

Participants and Awards

Students or young entrepreneurs, from careers related to technology, formed into work teams. Rural people are encouraged and young women are encouraged to take part in the Challenge. If you don't have a team, you can register individually, so that you have the opportunity to participate and be part of a team on the start day of the challenge.

The recognition will be as follows:

- First place USD $ 4,000

- Second place 100% Scholarships for courses at UCreativa

- Third place 50% Scholarships for courses at UCreativa